We are constantly collaborating with a selected group of directing talents. We would be happy to recommend the best director for your project, based on their unique style and vision. Meet our directors and explore their portfolios on this page.
Our Directors

Mitch Teller - Los Angeles

Mitch Teller creates ads that range from darkly comedic to special effects driven to cheerful toys and food. The fun really starts when he does them all at the same time. He has worked on Saturday Night Live and the satirical comedy rubs off on some of his spots. He has an incredibly artistic approach that suits all genres and offers superior production quality.

JB Sugar - Vancouver - Los Angeles

An accomplished Director, J.B. earned his MFA from the American Film Institute where he produced an Academy Award winning short film. After graduating, he moved around working in various locations, including Toronto, Budapest and Los Angeles, until landing his feet firmly on BC soil. He has co-created a game show with Henry Winkler, acquired an Emmy nod for producing a movie for Paramount & Showtime and directed multiple episodes of television. J.B. is well known for his directing, writing and producing credits on the award winning Canadian series, “jPod” based on the novel by Douglas Coupland. J.B.’s work with dialogue coupled with his unique visual style is considered a valued asset to the commercial production world.

Cliff Skelton - Los Angeles - Vancouver

Edgy and stylized, award winning Director and Cinematographer Cliff Skelton, is renowned for his rich visuals, comedic timing and powerful communication. ‘Busy Driver’ for Alberta Traffic Safety Action has aired for an unusually long run due to its convincing and ingenious approach. Cliff’s experience also expands into the world of music videos and feature films.

Shaun Lawless - Vancouver

Director and Cinematographer, Shaun Lawless has shot everything from 35mm to High definition to DVCam, all with the beauty of a photographer’s eye. He has directed celebrity talent such as Alex Trebek, comedic spots for the Alberta market and tabletop for Boston Pizza. His travels take him to Toronto and Asia on a regular basis as he expands his market shooting high-end commercials as a Director of Photography.

Joe Kelly - Los Angeles

Joe combines his storytelling ability with sharp comedic timing. His sense of humour goes a long way to make for a comfortable set and putting the actors at ease. Joe’s not afraid to cast real people off the streets in his spots, believing some characters will never just walk into a casting office.

Dan Hackett - Detroit

Stunning visuals, high tech and vividly colourful, are the trademarks of Dan Hackett. With a history in art direction as an Executive Creative Director at WB Doner, Dan has mastered the perfect commercial. He is accomplished in comedic, visual effects oriented, dramatic and technical styles. The production value and non-traditional approach he brings to the table are second to none.

Ian James Corlett - Vancouver

Ian began his career with a bang as the recipient of “The Most Promising Filmmaker” in the BC student film festival. He hung up his camera for a while as he became one of Vancouver’s go to animation voiceover actors. To top that, he created a few of his own animation series. With an Emmy in his back pocket, Ian returned to filmmaking which has always been his first love. Quirky, funny, subtle, odd, and sometimes broad are all hallmarks of Ian’s style. If it makes you laugh, or even just curl up your mouth with a smirk, Ian is in his element.

Grady Cooper - Los Angeles

Comedy, comedy, comedy. Grady prides himself on working with some very talented people (Chris Rock, Steve Martin, and Larry David to name a few). He has directed a comedy series for the Spike network and also worked on the popular “Hell’s Kitchen” with Chef Ramsay. Grady has been heard saying that no matter what he’s working on, he will gladly fake a kidney stone for some time off for the right boards!

Laura Belsey - New York

Bilingual (English, French) Director, Laura Belsey. In Laura’s spare time away from commercials, she directed a documentary about the children who survived Hurricane Katrina, which devastated her hometown of New Orleans. Laura’s spots are mini masterpieces. Her “New York, New York” spot for the Coalition for the Homeless is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art.

Hank Benson - San Francisco

Hank’s passions include story telling, gardening, cooking and his family. Whatever he is doing, Hank exudes a love for ’REAL’ moments, ’REAL’ people and, whenever possible puts them to film; still or motion. He loves his job! He takes boards and makes them come alive in a way you never imagined was possible. Hank has had many opportunities to work with world renowned brands with big budgets and huge crews.

Sorrel Ahlfeld - New York

Sorrel’s style is edgier, but has won over the hearts of writers pitching conservative pieces as well. He prides himself on his story telling abilities. One of his stories, a test spot for Scope, won the 2005 CFP-E/Shots Young Director Award in Cannes. Between his talent and how easily he works with others, we are delighted to have Sorrel as part of our team on his way to the top.

Got an idea you want to bring to life?
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Bear Studios is a full production company able to produce and shoot productions of any size. From web videos to full-scale television commercials or long format productions, Bear Studios has the in-house resources and facilities to make it happen.
Our executive producer, Laurie McLay will bring her years of experience producing television commercials and TV shows to ensure your project comes in on time, on budget, and is of the highest quality.
Bear has a highly skilled roster of directors, producers, and all other talent required to bring your most creatively conceived projects to life.

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Bear Studios’ in-house motion graphics artists use today’s most complex technology and programs to bring any situation to life. From cool looking supers or graphics, to a complete environment change – we will create it.

We have in-house 3D texturers, modelers, animators and a roster of other specialists that we can use to bring anything to life – no matter how challenging.

At Bear Studios – there is no such thing as impossible. Except maybe 4D.

Need to post your project?
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Bear studios has a full edit suite and post facility for any size of project. Our in-house editors can capture, cut, and output your project on time, and on budget. Our facilities enable you to sit and consult with the editor at your discretion throughout the process, or just give your input and wait for your cut via our secure FTP.

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Bear studios can work with you to record radio, voice overs, music, and any other audio requirements in our full recording studio and audio production facility. We can create original sound design and effects, and have the in-house resources and equipment to compose and create custom music tracks of any complexity with the latest digital audio software and plugins, and some of the best musicians in the world. Plus, with a CDQ Prima ISDN Codec, we can connect to studios worldwide for long distance talent.

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